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How to avoid transparency issues?

Any transparency issue can be resolved before saving your file. To prevent transparency issues, never use shadows, glows, or any other transparency (image or otherwise) on top of a spot colour. Always convert your spot colours to CMYK and flatten before creating your print ready pdf.

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The difference between an design estimate and a printing estimate.

A design estimate is our best educated guess at the final price to complete the project. It is based on the information we have and our experience working on similar projects. Please keep in mind the larger the design project and or the complexity of the project, make it increasing more difficult to estimate. A [...]

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How long does a design project take?

This varies, all jobs are unique and the timeline depends on many things. Mostly its the scale of the job and how fast the client returns the requested information. Once the client completes the necessary online discovery form and we have a clear picture of the project requirements a timeline can be determined. (e.g., The [...]

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