What is the project management portal?

Our custom project management portal allows our clients to view all past and present projects, estimates and invoices. You can upload files, collaborate on current projects with multiple contacts, pay invoices, approve proofs and see the progress of active projects. You are notified via email when your contacts or the designer adds a comment or [...]

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How do I log into my project account?

There are two ways to access your project account. A link was provided within the email we sent you when we first set up your account. You can also access your project account through our website by clicking on the grey & white plus symbol in the top right corner of your screen. This reveals [...]

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The difference between an design estimate and a printing estimate.

A design estimate is our best educated guess at the final price to complete the project. It is based on the information we have and our experience working on similar projects. Please keep in mind the larger the design project and or the complexity of the project, make it increasing more difficult to estimate. A [...]

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