Logo Design & Brand Identity.

Your Logo is the central, identifiable visual element that helps customers discover, share and remember your company’s brand. Your brand identity is the visual components and style guidelines that create, complement and support your brand. Together these express your personality, communicate your values, and distinguish you from your competitors. Following our design process, we will examine and gather information about your business and industry. Together we can design a logo and brand identity that not only you will love, it will also help your business succeed.

The average timeline for a custom logo is around 12 business days. This can vary because all projects are unique and the timeline depends on many things. Mostly it’s the complexity of the logo and how fast the client returns the requested information.

Our design rate is $60 Canadian per hour.

Yes! We have the ability to work with people from around the world. Our online project management software streamlines this process. You can view and add comments to proofs, upload files, see estimates, job progress reports, make online payments and more.

Please take a look at our FAQ page or contact us and we will do our very best to help you.


Considering a new logo or brand identity.

Consider this.

Having a new logo or brand identity created isn’t always a daunting experience. It can be very complex if your business is large like Nike or Apple. But for small to medium sized businesses it’s as complex as you want to make it. Mainly it’s about knowing your business, who your customers are, who your competitors are and how you want your business to be perceived. Knowing the answers to the following questions will help us create a logo or brand identity that you can be proud of. It will also help contribute to your business success.

Ask yourself.
  • What type of product or service do you offer?

  • Who are your target customers?

  • Who are your closest competitors?

  • What sets you apart from your competitors?
  • What do you want your logo to communicate?
  • Do you have a style or colour preference?
  • Are there any specific colors you’d like to avoid?
  • What is your budget?
How to prepare.

Do you have a style or colour preference? This is a key question and step where you can save time and reduce the overall design costs. This is particularly important if you already have a specific idea for your logo or brand identity. The idea here is to give the designer images of logo’s you like, you could also include images you don’t like. You then need to explain what you do and don’t like about them. The easiest way to achieve this is to go online and use a search engine like google and try an image search for  i.e.  colourful logos or black and white logos etc. When you find the logo styles you like, save an image of them and give them to your designer. This is a simple but significant way of achieving your logo vision and you will be happier with the end result.


Ready to start.

We can provide a free project estimate or ideas to help get your project off the ground.