Your local brick & mortar printing company will try to print your job on their printing presses if they can. But the problem is, they will do this even if their printing equipment isn’t designed for your type of job. It will still work, kind of, but the end result is less than spectacular and more expensive than it should be. If your local printer can’t print your job, they will outsource it to a trade printer. Most won’t tell you that they are doing this. They will also mark-up the cost significantly to match their existing over-inflated prices. This is because they have high operating costs, outdated & inadequate printing equipment. And because of this, in most cases, their printing is expensive & the quality is poor. This is one of many reasons why Design Creative Media, who exclusively uses trade printers, is your best choice for your printing needs. We are web based and have low operating costs, so we can pass on the savings to you.