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Tiger Lili Yoga Fitness

Lillian De Capite of Vancouver BC approached Design Creative Media to design a logo for her new business, Tiger Lili Yoga Fitness. Her logo needed to integrate and align with her partners Red Tiger Martial Arts brand. These were two unique businesses operating from the same studio space. Lillian wanted her logo to express her love for tiger lilies and be more feminine than her partner’s logo as her clientele was predominantly female. Design Creative Media created a complex, yet elegant logo that plays on the intricacies of the Red Tiger logo, yet is uniquely its own.

Wow! You did it! Thanks so much!!! Ya, see, I like the stamens adding a bit of “sparkle” around the head like that. Cool! I’m really happy with it. You did a great job, thanks again for all your work on this.

Lillian De Capite, Tiger Lili Yoga Fitness
Services Provided
  • Illustrative Logo Design



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